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Whole 30 days 15 and 16

Half way, baby!!!

Yesterday I accomplished something I’ve been fighting.  I had to go on a business lunch but my sweet boss let me pick the place since she knew I am doing Whole 30.  I picked somewhere that had an online menu and had my meal planned before we got there!  And it was actually good this time!!!  Score 1 for me!  For breakfast it was my usual tom/avocad/egg and banana.  Lunch was lemon pepper chicken, steamed cabbage and watermelon.  Dinner was leftover grilled shrimp and cauliflower rice.

Today I started to feel a little stronger at the gym.  I was dying, don’t get me wrong, but able to keep up with Ally (a girl I just randomly picked to try to keep up with).  For a couple of weeks now I try not to get too far behind her in rounds/reps and today, I think I may have passed her!!  And Sam keeps adding weight to the dumbbells.  I think I’m getting stronger 🙂  Breakfast was the same as yesterday, lunch was leftover shrimp, and dinner was this weird spaghetti squash meal from Well Fed.  It was ground beef, red cabbage, bell pepper, onion, spaghetti squash and T sardust memories (Pensey spice ~ Russian).  It was different, but good and very filling.

After dinner I made some homemade sausage (gettin tired of the usual breakfast) and it was banging!!!!  Better than store-bought.  I also made some more homemade mayo.  I don’t think I’ll ever eat store-bought again.

Tomorrow, I’m having banana, sausage, tomato and boiled egg.  Lunch is leftover spaghetti squash and strawberries.  I’m not sure what dinner is, but I’m craving grilled chicken and sweet potatoes.  Speaking of cravings, yesterday I had this AWFUL, INTENSE craving for homemade peach cobbler.  So strange.

Looking forward to day 17!!!


Whole 30 day 13

Today was the hardest day I’ve had yet.  I was in a bad mood all day and constantly questioned why I was doing this.  I started the day with 2 scrambled eggs in ghee with zucchini and basil and half a roasted sweet potato.  It was my first time cooking with ghee and it was very good.  Then we headed to a dog wash fundraiser for the greyhounds.  This went until 3 pm.  So by the time we were finished we were starving!!!  We went to Panera Bread.  It was my first time eating out and it was HARD.  I felt very out of control and then mad that I’m so stressed about something I chose to do.  I printed out the hidden menu before I left, so I had that handy. I got the Power Mediterranean Chicken salad without bacon.  It was ok.  Not something I’d want again, but it made my stomach quit growling.  Then for dinner, a big group of us ate at a Greek restaurant for Father’s Day.  There was not much on the menu for me.  I got a salad, no cheese, oil and vinegar.  And a hamburger steak with grilled onion, bell pepper and jalapeno.  It was very dry and bland (other than the heat from the jalapeno), but oh well.  Then we all went out for ice cream while I watched everyone eat.  On the way home I was just kind of confused and mad.  I felt like I stood out tonight and I’m too much of an introvert to stand out.  But then something happened that reminded me of why I’m doing this.  My husband was miserable after eating all that food.  And me?  Well, I feel fine!  No bloated, over full feeling for me!  I also discovered a very yummy snack tonight.  I know we aren’t supposed to snack on Whole 30, but I think tonight I needed something.  Unsweetened coconut chips, browned in a skillet.  Then sprinkle it with cinnamon and salt.  YUM!  Kind of like kettle corn.

Okay, here’s to hoping tomorrow is better.  At least I made it through another day.

Whole 30 days 10 and 11

Whoo hoo!  I’m in double-digit days now.  No “tiger blood” feeling yet.  I feel the same as I did before I started this.  But mentally I feel SO much better about my food choices.

Yesterday I had the usual egg/avocado/tomato breakfast and a banana.  Lunch was Brussel sprouts and a Scottish egg.  Dinner was a hash made with jicama home fries and tomatoes.  It was really good!  Samantha whined and cried when she first saw it, but all of it eventually disappeared off her plate 🙂

Today I had leftover hash and tomatoes and banana for breakfast.  Lunch was more hash, cucumbers and carrots dipped in homemade creamy Italian dressing (made with my yummy homemade mayo) and cherries.  Dinner was homemade guacamole.  I’ve been staying up late all week and it’s finally caught up with me.  I’m SO tired tonight.  I just had an apricot and now I’m off to bed.  It’s not even dark yet!  Only 850pm.  Oh well.  I do get up at 350 am everyday!

Nite Nite!

Whole 30 day 9

I think I forgot to write a post yesterday!  So sorry.  So, I’ll start with day 8.  Yesterday I felt ok.  Still not crazy with energy, but improving.  I haven’t really been craving anything.  It’s weird.  I figured it would be much harder.  For breakfast I had my new fave boiled egg with avocado and tomato.  Then I finished off the stir fry and strawberries for lunch.  For dinner I made a chicken Thai dish from the Well Fed cookbook.  It was good!  Had grilled chicken, green beans, mango, bell pepper, cashews, and sunshine sauce (a spicy almond butter based sauce).  I took pictures of my food, but my computer is not cooperating!  Maybe later.

Today’s new theme??  FOOD TASTES GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG!  Want your food to taste better?  Just take sugar out of your diet.  Wow!!!  My strawberries are the best, most sweetest strawberries ever!  My plain sweet potato this morning was out of this world good.  And some grapes this afternoon made my mouth water like mad crazy! lol  My food today was 2 boiled eggs and a roasted sweet potato, lunch was leftover Thai chicken and strawberries, and for dinner I made Scottish eggs (boiled eggs wrapped in sausage) and roasted Brussel sprouts.  I dipped my Scottish eggs in my homemade mayo/mustard.

I helped my daughter make homemade brownies today.  She’s turning into quite the little baker.  It was kinda hard once they started smelling good, but I resisted.  I made her promise to make another batch when I could enjoy them.

I also wanted to talk about a gym I’ve been going to since May 1st.  It’s a crossfit like gym, where there are no treadmills/ellipticals to speak of.  Only boot camp style classes that are very challenging.  To quote Tony Horton “I hate it, but I love it”.  At first I started going MWF and ran at home TThSat.  Since last week, I’ve been going everyday.  We do a lot of running in our workouts, so it helps me not to miss it that much.  I’m still running on Saturdays (although my measly 3 miles felt horrible).  These workouts push me harder than anything I ever made myself do at home.  For instance, today I did 120 push ups!  And not girl push ups, but the manly man kind.  It was torture, but I did it.  I hope it will help me become stronger and I’m hoping this new way of eating will help that as well.  I’m there every morning at 5 am without fail.  Ready for more torture fun.  It’s good to see how far you can push your body.

Tomorrow I’ll be in double-digit days!


Whole 30 Day 7

Today I had a few obstacles, but handled them just fine.  I was feeling a little tired today.  Can’t wait for that to be gone.  It was Father’s Day, so me and the kids made Gordon pancakes and bacon.  I did not have any 🙂  Instead, I had leftover stir fry.  The book said to stop thinking of traditional breakfast and just eat whatever, so that’s what I did.

After church we decided to go see a movie.  It was super hard not to sneak a piece of popcorn, but I bought my $5 bottled water and sipped on that the whole time.

It was late when we got home, and I was starving.  I had more asian chicken salad, a few cherries and later a few macadamia nuts.  I bought the nuts yesterday at Costco.  They are so good!

For dinner I had steak, sweet potato and asparagus.  I feel very full and satisfied.  So proud of myself for getting through the first week!  Only 3 more to go.

Whole 30 day 6


Today was a good day. Although it started out with me getting very angry at the computer. And then I heard my daughter declare today is her angry day on her diet! Lol  I had my eggs/tomato/avacado for breakfast, leftover stir fry (while everyone else ate pizza) and an Asian chicken salad for dinner that was very filling. I’ve been fine with my cravings until today. I grocery shopped and my mouth was literally watering looking at all the snack foods. But I resisted and feel good about having another day complete.




Whole 30 day 5

Another day down!  Whoo hoo!  Today my energy level was much better.  Still tired, but manageable.  The girls at work said I actually didn’t have bags under my eyes today!  I also realized today that I never really explained what whole 30 is all about (probably due to my extreme exhaustion).  It is a paleo based diet/challenge but even more restricted.  I have taken on the challenge of eating only meat and plants (fruits and vegetables).  No dairy, no beans, no grains, no sugar (of any kind, even the artificial type).  It has definitely been a challenge, but very doable as long as you have enough willpower and plan plan plan.  It is supposed to rid your body of all the toxins and cravings.  It makes sense to me.  Cut out all processed foods.

My breakfast today was seriously so freaking good and yet so simple. It will be a breakfast standby, for sure.  Two boiled eggs, a chopped tomato, and avocado.  YUM!!!!

Lunch was a salad with chicken.  I made homemade creamy Italian dressing (using my homemade mayo…which is better than Dukes, I kid you not).  That was the highlight of the salad.  I really miss my weird salads.  I don’t like the typical salad made with carrots and broccoli, etc..  Give me an apple, goat cheese, almond salad any day!

We had a hot dog dinner at church tonight so I came prepared.  I made a chicken stir fry with cauliflower rice.  It was pretty good.  I got a lot of weird stares, but I don’t care.  There were SO many tempting foods there, but luckily it was super crowded and I don’t do crowds very well.  Kept me out of the kitchen, no problem.

My daily email yesterday said I may have strange dreams about food and I thought, “whatever!”  So what kind of dream did I have last night?  I dreamt I ate a granola bar by accident and wanted to cry when I realized I messed up and had to start all over at day 1 again!  So far those emails have been spot on.

Ready for another day tomorrow!


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