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Whole 30 day 9

I think I forgot to write a post yesterday!  So sorry.  So, I’ll start with day 8.  Yesterday I felt ok.  Still not crazy with energy, but improving.  I haven’t really been craving anything.  It’s weird.  I figured it would be much harder.  For breakfast I had my new fave boiled egg with avocado and tomato.  Then I finished off the stir fry and strawberries for lunch.  For dinner I made a chicken Thai dish from the Well Fed cookbook.  It was good!  Had grilled chicken, green beans, mango, bell pepper, cashews, and sunshine sauce (a spicy almond butter based sauce).  I took pictures of my food, but my computer is not cooperating!  Maybe later.

Today’s new theme??  FOOD TASTES GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG!  Want your food to taste better?  Just take sugar out of your diet.  Wow!!!  My strawberries are the best, most sweetest strawberries ever!  My plain sweet potato this morning was out of this world good.  And some grapes this afternoon made my mouth water like mad crazy! lol  My food today was 2 boiled eggs and a roasted sweet potato, lunch was leftover Thai chicken and strawberries, and for dinner I made Scottish eggs (boiled eggs wrapped in sausage) and roasted Brussel sprouts.  I dipped my Scottish eggs in my homemade mayo/mustard.

I helped my daughter make homemade brownies today.  She’s turning into quite the little baker.  It was kinda hard once they started smelling good, but I resisted.  I made her promise to make another batch when I could enjoy them.

I also wanted to talk about a gym I’ve been going to since May 1st.  It’s a crossfit like gym, where there are no treadmills/ellipticals to speak of.  Only boot camp style classes that are very challenging.  To quote Tony Horton “I hate it, but I love it”.  At first I started going MWF and ran at home TThSat.  Since last week, I’ve been going everyday.  We do a lot of running in our workouts, so it helps me not to miss it that much.  I’m still running on Saturdays (although my measly 3 miles felt horrible).  These workouts push me harder than anything I ever made myself do at home.  For instance, today I did 120 push ups!  And not girl push ups, but the manly man kind.  It was torture, but I did it.  I hope it will help me become stronger and I’m hoping this new way of eating will help that as well.  I’m there every morning at 5 am without fail.  Ready for more torture fun.  It’s good to see how far you can push your body.

Tomorrow I’ll be in double-digit days!



Whole 30 day 6


Today was a good day. Although it started out with me getting very angry at the computer. And then I heard my daughter declare today is her angry day on her diet! Lol  I had my eggs/tomato/avacado for breakfast, leftover stir fry (while everyone else ate pizza) and an Asian chicken salad for dinner that was very filling. I’ve been fine with my cravings until today. I grocery shopped and my mouth was literally watering looking at all the snack foods. But I resisted and feel good about having another day complete.




Best Body Bootcamp

This week I started my second round with an online bootcamp.  I did the first one just before Christmas and loved it.  Its an 8-week course.  The workouts are emailed to you, 2 weeks at a time.  Tina (the leader) explains it all very well and gives you ways to modify each workout to suit you.  You can make it easier or harder.  And you don’t even need a gym membership to do it.  Just some simple equipment and you’re on your way.  Having a treadmill or stationary bike would make it easier, though.  I just love being able to wake up for my workout and not have to think about what I’m doing.  The price is only $25 and there is a chance to win prizes and money, so there’s also a motivational factor!  I highly recommend it to anyone needing some variety in their workouts!  Her blog is and its called Best Body Fitness.

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